Yoga Makes Me Angry | Confessions of a Previously Enlightened Woman

If you’ve enjoyed fitness for any length of time, I’m sure you’re familiar with the ebb and flow that come with enjoying any hobby. Luckily there are so many different ways to be active that chances are something will spark your interest again, right? That’s usually the case for me. When I get bored or my progress stalls in one aspect of fitness, I just switch to something else. Well apparently this was also bound to happen with my love for yoga and meditation. Yep. Not feeling very “enlightened” lately. It’s been months since I’ve […]

Still Hungry? 3 Reasons Why Your Lifestyle May Be Leaving You Empty

A few months ago, I finally got fed up (no pun intended…har har) with my never-ending appetite. It seemed like no matter what I ate, I never felt satisfied. I’m not talking about being “full” but simply feeling like I was fueled enough to function like a happy human being.  So I decided to dig a little deeper into what I was eating, doing, and how I was feeling. Here’s what I found out about why I may be feeling so hangry all the time.         1. Maybe you’re not eating enough. […]

Lit Up | 3 Books to Inspire & Motivate and a Life Update

I’ve struggled to find something to write about over on this blog for awhile. I know it gets traffic, but very little personal comments make me feel a little silly writing out into the abyss. Of course there are a few blogs that I read regularly and never feel the need to comment on their posts. Does this mean I don’t find that information useful or effective? Of course not. However, it gets a little lonely on the interwebs, ya know? This doesn’t mean the blog is dead. I just want to make sure I’m […]

In which I get sick for the second time in two weeks and learn to rest

After being healthy as a horse for well over a year, my body has decided to wreak havoc on me. I caught a nasty head cold early last week just days before a good friend of mine came for a weekend visit. And when she arrived on Thursday night, I felt like I was finally on the up-and-up. In between taking her out to eat at all the delicious vegan places and our long walks and hikes, I was still holding onto a little bit of a cough and felt a tiny bit exhausted. However,  I […]

Vegan Junk Food | Ben & Jerry’s Frozen Dessert Review

Ben & Jerry’s will always hold a special place in my heart. The first time I tried it, I was in-between stints as a well-meaning vegan and had never had ice cream that tasted so damn gourmet. Even though both of my parents loved their basic vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and candy pieces, they never really took the plunge into the fancier brands. So when I did, I was kind of hooked…to say the least. Enter Ben & Jerry’s new vegan line-up! Too good to be true? Maybe. Watch the video below of my […]

Smoothie Recipe | Immunity Smoothie for Energy and Focus

What is this?? A recipe?? A smoothie recipe at that? There must be something in the air, guys. Oh right, it’s the sun… In the colder and gloomy months, I find that I only crave decadent smoothies full of things like bananas, dates, cocoa, oats, and nut butters – you know, all of those “stick to your ribs” goodies. However, we PNW folks have experienced a few sunny days in a row (:gasp:) and this smoothie has been knocking my socks off. It’s so refreshing and energizing. Also, there’s ginger involved. I could eat ginger […]

Strength Training for Women | Taking Up Space and Making Gains

This happened for me about 6-8 months ago. All of a sudden, I could care less what pant size I fit into or how much smaller my waist was than the previous month. None of that brought me joy in the first place, so why did I hold on for so long? Oh, right! Because all we ever learn as young women is that society wants us to shrink. Well, that is slowly changing and I couldn’t be happier about that. As far as fitness goals went, I started to focus on my strength, my […]

The Importance of Rest Days | Taking a Moment To Give Your Body a Break

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to pack up my crew (pictured below, snoozing blissfully) and head out of town for a night. And even though it was the tiniest of vacations, it was absolutely perfect because it forced me to break out of my daily routine and take a real day and a half of complete rest.  For those of us that truly love to work out, rest days can be tough. And this fact is especially true when you use it as a tool to fight depression and anxiety. A day of “rest” can […]


The Lazy Girl’s Lunch | My Go-To Recipe For Every Damn Day

Most of the time, my lunch happens in the blink of an eye. I’m usually running around in-between appointments and have just a few moments to throw something together. Because of my busy mid-day schedule, these are a few of the foods I always have prepared and waiting for me: Beans Rice, Quinoa, etc. Hummus Seitan, Tempeh, Tofu, or another vegan meat option Lazy recipes are the best.  By doing this, I can pretty much guarantee I’ll never go hungry or make the mistake of eating something less than satisfying when what I need the most is […]